Truthseekers is...

a growing community from all walks of life who devote themselves to a sincere search for meaning and values.

Truthseekers activities and programs empower young adults to discern values and discover meanings for them-selves by reflecting actively on their own life experiences and on those of others. Truthseekers reaches out to young adults who have begun their search for truth. Our program provides them support and encouragement in recognizing their own values and related meanings to assist them in their lives.

Truthseekers is dedicated to helping youth and young adults find and explore the meanings and values that will enable them to lead healthy and productive lives. In order to accomplish this we do the following:

  • We reach out to young people who are receiving the conflicting messages that abound in our culture about life’s meaning and purpose.
  • We offer them the opportunity to critically sort through these conflicting messages.
  • We encourage them to look within themselves in order to find a path that makes sense to them and to recognize which values are important and how to actively adopt such values.
  • We provide them with a safe, accepting, supportive environment in which they can explore meanings and values within a community of their peers and with the assistance of trained facilitators, many of whom are past Truthseekers.
  • We provide a curriculum that gives these young people a wide variety of avenues which they can follow in their explorations.