While each Truthseeker ultimately discovers his or her own values, the shared Truthseekers experience begins with three values: love, forgiveness, and service.

To love and be loved is each person’s greatest need, and source of true satisfaction. To forgive leads us to inner peace, restoring our freedom to love. To serve others is love in action, and produces the greatest joy in life.

Truthseekers works to develop each participant’s inner urge to love, forgive, and serve. Young people are guided in choosing their own values, and given methods that assist them to consciously integrate those values into their lives. We create a community that upholds and supports a jour-ney into inner awareness.

We believe the Golden Rule is a natural and integral part of our path and we wish to keep it a central focus throughout our Truthseeker’s journey. We believe using the Golden Rule to choose which values we want to adopt into our lives is a useful and important tool.

The Golden Rule:

“Do to others as you would
have others do to you.”

The Golden Rule permeates the belief systems of all religions throughout history. Even those who do not identify with religion have accepted this concept of treating others the way they would like to be treated. See the chart on the following page.

A quote from the global ethic of the World’s Religions:

“We are interdependent. Each of us depends on the well-being of all of us, and so we have re-spect for the community of living beings. We must treat others as we wish others to treat us. We make a commitment to respect life and dig-nity, individuality and diversity, so that every person is treated humanely, without exception.”

If so many religious and spiritual leaders, and if worldwide cultures from centuries past have adopted such a concept for treating others, then it must speak to something innate within human beings.

Truthseekers focus is primarily on youth and young adults. Our programs can be modified to work in school districts, community centers, youth outreach organizations, religious organizations, or any other groups that work with youth or young adults.

We run these workshops with our own trained facilitators all of whom are past Truthseekers graduates. We can also train your own instructors by taking them through the Truthseekers curriculum.