Truthseekers Believe

…in the intrinsic worth of each person and is dedicated to affirming that worth.

Each of us has the ability to find wisdom within to affirm this worth.

We can activate this inner wisdom through the experiences we receive by living our values.

Inner wisdom reveals truth and offers guidance on how to live that truth.

While each truthseeker ultimately discovers his or her own values, the shared Truthseekers experience begins with three values:  love, forgiveness, and service.

To love and be loved is each person’s greatest need and source of true satisfaction.

To forgive leads us to inner peace, restoring our freedom to love.

To serve others is love in action, and produces the greatest joy in life.

Truthseekers works to develop each participant’s inner urge to love, forgive, and serve.

Young people are guided in choosing their own values, and given methods that assist them to consciously integrate those values into their lives.

We create a community that upholds and supports a journey into inner awareness.