What We Offer

Truthseekers works to develop each participant’s inner urge to love, forgive and serve.

Young people are guided in choosing their own values and given methods that assist them to consciously integrate those values into their lives.

We create a community that upholds and supports a journey into spiritual awareness.

Young adults in Truthseekers learn to recognize the difference between their minds and hearts. The mind is where we make and rationalize our decisions. The heart, on the other hand, is where we feel the consequences of these decisions. Truthseekers teaches the habit of consulting the heart before acting out decisions made in the mind.

Our program helps young people distinguish between their inner and outer life and learn how to evaluate and balance these two areas. In our inner life we can choose to change ourselves. In our outer life we have the ability to express our values through our actions, thereby enhancing the lives of those around us.

My inner life is the environment where I choose and develop how I want to act, think and who I want to become. No one else has any control over my inner life. I develop my inner life by choosing the values by which I want to live. My loyalty to these values determines who I become.

The outer life is a canvas on which our inner self is re-flected. Our outer life is where we put our values into action. It is our playground where we interact and be-come who we are.